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children's education

Masi’s school projects focus on teaching children to read & write (MasiFUNDE), providing opportunities to

discover & develop talents (MasiKHULE), building infrastructure (MaSAKHE), and creating youth employment

by hiring & training local youth to work with our children (MasiSEBENZE). 


There is no greater investment in life than providing children with a strong educational foundation,

helping them to discover their talents and passions, and inspiring them to believe in themselves.

University graduates

What would happen if you flooded South Africa’s townships with University Graduates? We are going to find out...


We are investing in a generation of university graduates that will be empowered to uplift their own families, solve their own community’s problems, and serve as role models to other children.

youth employment

Youth unemployment plagues South African townships. MasiSEBENZE empowers the local community

to uplift itself. We employ local, unemployed youth and provide extensive training.


They then work in their local school, providing much needed assistance to overwhelmed teachers. It is life-changing for our youth  as they earn an income, gain work experience, serve as leaders, and help their own community’s children.

Contact Us

19 Sherlock Street, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth, 6001

South Africa NPO #: 074-244-NPO

United States 501(c)3: 27-3024837

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