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Every child has abilities. 

Not all have opportunities. 

Empowering through


Masinyusane creates opportunities for impoverished children and youth to get the best education possible. We invest in high impact education projects that empower the local community to uplift itself.

We are simultaneously creating a generation of leaders now while investing in the long-term future of South Africa's children.

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Early Childhood Education

& Youth Jobs

Empowering a community to uplift itself.

Local jobs in local schools.



Children on the program learn to read twice as fast as children that are not.

Letters learned in comparison to 2.4 letters in the control group.

You can help us create a jobs and teach children to read and write.

We hire previously unemployed community youth and put them to work in libraries and literacy centers that we build in impoverished early childhood development centres, preschools, and primary schools.

Using proven methodologies, our literacy coaches provide children with one-on-one literacy coaching for the first five years of their schooling life. All day. Every day.

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Previously unemployed youth currently working in the project


Children have benefitted from our literacy & reading projects

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Scholarship Fund

Investing in a generation of future leaders.


High school learners assisted



What would happen if you flooded South Africa's most impoverished communities with university graduates?

We are going to find out.

Masinyusane's comprehensive scholarship funds support youth from high school through university graduation and even into employment.

These young leaders are becoming empowered to uplift their own families, solve their own community's problems, and to serve as role models to other youth.

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Employed graduates

University graduates by 2023

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Why Masinyusane?

Transparency w/

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Impact. Heart. Trust. Innovation.

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19 Sherlock Street, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth, 6001

South Africa NPO #: 074-244-NPO

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