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Empowerment Through Education

We are empowering communities to uplift themselves by creating community jobs for youth to work in the Early Childhood Development sector and by ensuring everyone has access to quality education.

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15,000+ Children

500+ Jobs

We are creating community jobs across the Eastern Cape of South Africa where local youth are employed to work in the Early Childhood Development sector.

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The NEED in South Africa

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of children CANNOT read

(vs 4% in United States

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youth unemployment rate in the world*

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25% of 3 - 4 y/o South African children receive early learning or educational stimulation

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56% of South African homes HAVE NO BOOKS

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75% of unemployed South Africans are youth

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64% of youth are unemployed


to partner with Masinyusane

Transparency with perfect audits

15 years of perfect, independent unqualified audits

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Run with low overhead costs

Overhead costs below 10%, which is 2-3 times lower than the industry average.

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BBBEE Level 1

Earn Broad Based Black Economic points by supporting Masinyusane

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Data driven projects

Tens of thousands of data points used to drive interventions. One of South Africa's leading M&E organisations.

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We Are the Community

Our team IS the community. We believe in empowering communities to uplift themselves.

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Long-term, proven strategy

Thinking in decades. We are solving hard problems by investing in proven long-term solutions.

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