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The Mission

To provide children with opportunities to get a good education, learn to read & write, discover & develop talents and to grow towards realizing their incredible potential.


  1. Provide children with high impact opportunities to get a better education.

  2. Empower the community to uplift itself by hiring local youth to implement our projects.

  3. Bring resources, funding and infrastructure investments to our schools.

Teaching Children

How to Read

We run customized literacy sessions with children from preschool through Grade 3 using award-winning methodologies from our partners Shine & Wordworks.

In 2019, we have 504 children on the program and they are making tremendous progress.

Many children are in classrooms with over 50 other learners, making it impossible for the teacher to provide the individual attention they require. That's where we come in.

Reading & writing are fundamental to unlocking a child's ability to learn and perform in other subjects. Therefore we invest enormous resources - time, energy, money - in the first 5 years of a child's school life to ensure they have the strongest foundation possible. 

Promote a Culture of


Masinyusane has built and currently runs four primary school libraries.

Our children do not grow up in an environment or culture that promotes reading, therefore we work hard to create vibrant, fun libraries at our schools to promote a love of books and learning.

Over 3,500 children currently benefit from our libraries and the projects and competitions run from them.

Educational Technology

Technology is both revolutionizing the space of education and leveling the playing field across the globe.

Masinyusane is building laptop and tablet EduTech Centres in primary schools to ensure the children in Port Elizabeth's townships have the opportunity to become technologically literate as well as to utilize the amazing educational programs and apps in existence.

Our children can now learn using the same apps as children in New York and London.

Talent Discover & Development

All children possess incredible talents. They simply do not always have the opportunity to discover or develop them.

In recognition of this fact, Masinyusane invests in after-school sports, arts and recreational teams and clubs across a number of schools.

These range from traditional dance to soccer to chess.


Port Elizabeth's township schools are severely under-resourced and in desperate need of assistance with infrastructure.

To assist, Masinyusane has been building school libraries, literacy centres, educational technology centres and even toilet blocks.

One's environment has a tremendous impact on their performance and life outlook and we want our kids to have the best.


There is too much work to go at it alone.

Our approach has always been one of collaboration. We have no interest in recreating any wheels and simultaneously appreciate the genius and innovation of others.

In that spirit, we have embarked upon multiple partnerships in which we implement projects & interventions with methodologies developed, tested and proven by others.


It costs us approximately

$20 a month per child

Contact Us

19 Sherlock Street, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth, 6001

South Africa NPO #: 074-244-NPO

United States 501(c)3: 27-3024837

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