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What would happen if you flooded an impoverished community with university graduates?


We are going to find out.



Our mission is to create a generation of young graduates that are empowered to uplift their own families, solve their own communities problems and serve as role models to future youth.

We accomplish this by improving ACCESS to tertiary studies and support to ensure SUCCESS.

How to Change a Life

Please take a moment and listen to Kholeka's story (left). We have the power to change these young students' lives. 

Kholeka's story is amazing, but she is not alone. There are thousands of Kholekas.

One university graduate can rip an entire family tree out of poverty and ensure future generations live better lives.

Join us in creating more success stories.

Girls Scholarship Fund

Girls do more to uplift their families and communities than men. This is well established. They are also provided far fewer opportunities in this world than their male counterparts.

In recognition of above, Masinyusane has invested millions of rand in sending talented young female students to university and creating a generation of female leaders.

We are impossibly proud of these young woman and look forward to seeing them enter fields ranging from Engineering to Law.

Tuition Scholarships

Masinyusane's scholarship fund ensures that all learners qualifying from university from Port Elizabeth's 35 township high schools has the opportunity to continue their education.

Our mission is to flood the township with graduates empowered to uplift their own families, solve their own community's problems and serve as role models to their own youth.

Food, Transport, & Housing

Our students lack access to more than just tuition. They are unable to borrow funds to live on campus, are forced to live in crowded, impoverished homes and commute more than an hour each day.

Many struggle to find bus fare and few eat during the day. To combat this, Masinyusane distributes food and bus fare stipends every week.

We also run a Masinyusane House of Excellence that provides free, safe housing to our most impoverished students.

Mentoring & Guidance

Many of our students struggle with the transition from all-Xhosa high schools to multi-cultural, English-speaking universities. This is compounded by no longer being the big fish in the small pond.

In response, our team of mentors work closely with our students every day to ensure they receive the support, motivation, love and guidance needed to navigate their studies and the inevitable tough times.


Masinyusane runs a massive logistics operation ensuring learners from all 35 Port Elizabeth township high schools are applying on-time, and correctly, to universities, financial aid, and scholarships.

This process is expensive, confusing, and time-consuming. Years ago, our needs analysis showed that only 14% of our Top Learners were applying for university correctly and on-time.

With our assistance, that number is now over 90% every year.

Our Graduates

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