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Empowering the community to uplift itself by creating local jobs at local schools.



To empower the local community to uplift itself by creating meaningful jobs in which previously unemployed youth are hired to work in creches, preschools and primary schools teaching children to read, write and comprehend.

Uplifting One's Own Community

Masinyusane's Youth Jobs initiative hires local youth, trains them in projects with proven methodologies, and unleashes them as assistants working in their local schools.

We currently have 66 local youth running one-on-two literacy sessions with children across four of our primary schools.

The pride these youth, all of whom were previously unemployed, take in being a part of uplifting their own schools and children is impossible to overstate.

Earning an Income

All of our Youth Leaders were previously unemployed. The income they earn enables them to improve their own lives and uplift the quality of life of their own families.

A wealth of research has highlighted the importance of having a job, especially one with a purpose, in terms of self-confidence and well being.

In a country with one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world, we are proud to be creating jobs and empowering these young people.

Training & Experience

One of the biggest barriers to employment is a lack of experience and training.

Masinyusane's Youth Leader jobs provide critical training and experience to local youth who otherwise have none.

We have had many of these youth use the position as a stepping stone to jump up into full-time employment at other companies.

We also have a number of them furthering their studies at night, benefiting from our scholarship fund to get the best education possible.

Community Leaders

There is incredible talent in our communities. There just aren't opportunities for it to be realized. Our team consistently blows us away with their energy, creativity, love and leadership.

They are part of an army committed to improving their local schools, creating a generation of educated children, and creating a better future for the next generation.

Helping one recognize the power and talent they possess is a sacred job. We are proud to play a small part in creating that opportunity for our youth.

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