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Early Childhood



We are creating a generation

of readers in South Africa.

One child at a time.


To provide our all of our children with the superpower of reading, the self-confidence to prosper, and to instill a spirit of curiosity and learning.

We take a data-driven and systematic approach to teaching children, step-by-step, at their pace and on their level, how to read.

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Customized Literacy Sessions


We teach children at THEIR LEVEL during individual enrichment sessions.


Building Libraries

(big and small)


We build libraries and literacy centers at preschools (below) and primary schools across the Eastern cape


On average, children on our programme do 73% better than children NOT on our programme in any given year.

Tracking thousands of children

We track over fifteen literacy metrics on each of our children, utilizing professionally developed assessments.

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One Thousand Stories

We are striving to have all of our children hear 1,000 stories before the age of 7.

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Early Childhood Matters 

Children are geniuses. Together, we can give them the education that they deserve.

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