The Literacy-Program

504 children on reading program 

3,500 children benefit from libraries

Teaching a child to read 

We run customized literacy sessions with children from preschool through Grade 3 using award-winning methodologies from our partners Shine & Wordworks.

In 2019, we have 504 children on the program and they are making tremendous progress.

Many children are in classrooms with over 50 other learners, making it impossible for the teacher to provide the individual attention they require. That's where we come in.

Reading & writing are fundamental to unlocking a child's ability to learn and perform in other subjects. Therefore we invest enormous resources - time, energy, money - in the first 5 years of a child's school life to ensure they have the strongest foundation possible. 

Promote a culture of Reading

Masinyusane has built and currently runs four primary school libraries.

Our children do not grow up in an environment or culture that promotes reading, therefore we work hard to create vibrant, fun libraries at our schools to promote a love of books and learning.

Over 3,500 children currently benefit from our libraries and the projects and competitions run from them.


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