Who We Are

We are an Education Non-profit working with children and families in the slums ("townships") of South Africa. Our comprehensive Education With Love support system ensures our kids receive all the opportunities they need to succeed in life: Opportunities to get a good education, to eat a healthy meal, to discover and develop their talents, and to have someone love and believe in them. There is no greater investment – in terms of ending poverty and uplifting communities – than these kids’ lives.

Masinyusane was founded in late 2008 as a group of us came together and discussed the need for a development organization. Our communities face tremendous challenges and while there are numerous welfare organizations (doing great work) we felt the need to create an organization focused solely on development.

To that end we’re working to build an organization, inspired by the social teachings of the church, that provides people with the opportunities, love, and support needed to enable them to realize their full potential in life.

Our main focus is on Education, though we take a wholistic approach to the word.  Every day you'll find our team in schools teaching various subjects, in homes delivering food & clothes, on a sports field leading a team, or simply hugging a child and telling them we believe in them.

We have received tremendous support from the community and everything we are today is the result of the dedication and generosity of countless people (you know who you are). To all you, a very sincere thank you.


What our partners are saying:

"When I visited an intern that I coordinated who was volunteering with Masinyusane, to say that I was impressed by what I saw would be a huge understatement. I was blown away by the passion and dedication of the team for their work, and by their clear devotion to the students and resolve to help them improve their lot in life. Jim and Fiks are genuine and uncontrived in their work – the students need a quality education, but more importantly they need an advocate, someone who they can rely upon and trust and who believes in their ability and will support them in negotiating the obstacles in their way to achieve their full potential. This is what they provide. The Masinyusane approach is founded on striving towards achieving the most basic social justice and a determination to give marginalised young people every opportunity to rise. My humble thanks for your huge efforts."

Adam Baden-Clay, COADY International Coordinator, responsible for sending scores of volunteers to projects across the world.

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